From now on



Two new pages are on the site now (line art versions, quality compromised).

Recently I have been thinking how I should work on this project and what is it that makes it stagnate… (More on this on the Finnish site.)

My new strategy is as follows: from now on there will be two different versions of the webcomic. Let’s call them “sketch” (not really) and “final version”.

Cannot quite put it into words though... (Motion? Expressions?)

There’s something here I would like to convey also on the finished version of the pages.


  • A bit more polished than a storyboard (meaning it won’t be as rough as the drawing above), but still quite quickly drawn
  • Despite not being the final version, it will be easy to read (hopefully)
  • The main function of this version is to enable regular (or frequent) content updates

Final version

  • As it says on the tin
  • Updates will be irregular as hell but, well, there’s always the “sketch” version you can read…

One by one I will replace the sketch pages by the final ones.

… Any thoughts/comments on this?