About this site

In short, this is a website where I plan to upload my graphic novel (or ”comic”, if you like) named ”ΔS”>>.

I have been working on this particular story for years (writing down ideas, constructing the plot, accumulating archives of reference pictures, drawing sketches, throwing them aside, and drawing again…) and wanted to finally start publishing my work somewhere.

At this point I don’t have many pages drawn, but I have more or less written the whole story. I aim at posting at least one spread (two pages) a week, more if possible. Whether I actually manage to do that or not depends on how busy I am, but I’ll do my best.  (^_^)

Besides the story itself, I also plan on uploading short character introductions, gradually one by one as the story progresses, and possibly also sketches if people are interested. And one of my (more random) goals is to add a Japanese version of the comic to this site too, some day in the future. (Edit 14.6.2016: I actually started working on this already, albeit on its own subdomain: ja.deltasismuch.com)

Kei and Mizore

As for the nature of the story, well, you will find out by reading. (I myself can’t place it in any particular genre or category. Rather than representative of some individual genre I see it as a mix of several of them.)