Character introductions – part 2: Murata

Deuteragonist of a kind. Hiura calls her Sasa, just about everyone else calls her Murata, and I’m having hard time trying to decide what to call her myself.

I… should have planned where to place the horizontal text before deciding on the rest of the layout. (There just wasn’t enough space left anywhere after I had finished the drawing. So the text ended up being a bit too far on the left.)

As for the short description, I’ll go with “diligent”. (This is what people call oversimplifying.)



The previous disclaimer applies.

The name is written as follows: 村田沙々
Again, let’s focus on the given name. “Sasa” contains the kanji 沙, meaning sand (in many cases read as “suna”, or “sa”), as well as the kanji repetition mark 々 (a.k.a. kurikaeshi, dounojiten, noma, onaji, or onajiku).

At one point I also considered naming her 砂沙 or 沙砂 (two different kanji, both meaning sand and read as “sa”) but settled on the current version as I wanted to use the repetition mark.


So only a really short introduction this time, but I might write an additional post on this character later on.