Only a short post this time too

As I previously mentioned, I’m planning to write two series of blog posts. They will be about

  1. characters of this webcomic (introductions of a kind; a bit more detailed than the ones on the “Characters” page)
  2. this project (webcomic) in general; background, motivation etc.

The first topic is quite straightforward. I’ll introduce one character at a time: name, character design and so on – without explaining too much about the role of the character in the story. The second one is, well, actually pretty straightforward too, now that I think about it.

I am going to write these alternately, sometimes a post about a character, sometimes about a certain aspect of the project. You can browse the posts afterwards in order by using tags, if you wish. There is now a tag cloud on the sidebar for that.

Questions, suggestions etc. are welcome.